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The Perfect Wedding Favors

Okay, wedding favors are one of the most fun parts of the wedding and it is so interesting to see what people choose based on their personalities!  There are so many creative favors people have come up with and we love to see them.  We found a few of our favorites, to get your wheels turning!


Here are some cute ideas for you to incorporate in your wedding favors!


The Recovery Pack:

This is very creative idea to send your guests home, or to start the reception party! Bottles of water with Vitamin B or Advil, to help them recover from the long night of dancing!



Your Favorite Snacks:

Give your guests one sweet snack and one salty snack to leave with!


A Midnight Snack:

Even better, leave them with a crowd favorite like soft pretzels or cookies and use a clever tagline! We love how to couple incorporated “Tying the Knot!”


Baby Succulents:

Succulents are all the rage right now and we love how this couple chose to leave their guests with such a cute little favor!


A Custom Vinegar and Oil:

There are so many stores that offer creative and eccentric vinegar and oil mixtures! Create your own to hand out to guests; it will be a favor they will not forget!


Mini Champagne:

The cutest little bottle! Give your guests a mini champagne bottle: easy to carry and so fun to drink!


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