The Perfect Summer Bouquet

We love seeing those gorgeous summer florals in the months of June and July! Depending on your wedding style, you may have a hard time finding that perfect bouquet to really make a statement, without taking the attention away from your gorgeous gown! Summer bouquets are full of those sweet CONTINUE READING

Ysa Makino Gorgeous Looks

Ysa Makino is one of our very favorite bridal designers. Ysa Makino gowns are making waves across Europe and the United States with their gorgeous dresses and trend setting details.  Brides around the world are looking amazing in this one of a kind designs, and we love to help them CONTINUE READING

Cocktail Pattern Play

Shopping for a cocktail dress can only mean one thing, you are going to a fun event where you want to subtly stand out! Our favorite designers have done a wonderful job creating designs this fall season that do just that!  A good, simple design is always a safe bet, CONTINUE READING

The Perfect Wedding Favors

Okay, wedding favors are one of the most fun parts of the wedding and it is so interesting to see what people choose based on their personalities!  There are so many creative favors people have come up with and we love to see them.  We found a few of our CONTINUE READING